Help with manually interacting with contract

Hey everyone, I have a contract that I have some lp in, but the website ui has been taken down and I am no longer able to harvest/stake/unstake in the farm. I went over to bscscan as I am familiar with interacting with contracts directly but when I go to the write section of bscscan of the contract all I am getting is code, no actual buttons to interact with the contract. Anyone know how to make this code interact-able?

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2 thoughts on “Help with manually interacting with contract”

  1. If bscscan only shows code, this means that the contract code hasn’t been verified / uploaded to the block explorer. You may still be able to interact with the contract, but it’s more complicated.

    Can you link the contract address and the github of the project?

  2. In the event that bscscan solely displays code, it indicates that the contract code has not been authenticated or uploaded to the block explorer. It is still possible to engage with the contract, but it may require a more intricate process. Not sure enough tho.


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