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In order to withdraw money from my Coinbase Wallet, I need to set up Google 2FA. Can anybody provide me with a simplified explanation for how I do this within Coinbase Wallet? I keep getting the message, “For your account security, please perform two-factor authentication first.” But there’s no guidance provided on how to do this. Any assistance would be much appreciated!

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  1. Ensure you save you key because if you dont and you lose your phone, it will take 6 months to unlock your account

  2. You download the app (called “Google Authenticator”). Then, you add your Coinbase account to that app, either via a code or by scanning a QR code.

    Once this is set up and 2FA is required (personally, I have it enabled for everything related to “money”… so, crypto, PayPal, and even Steam), you have to open the app, look up the 6-digit code, and enter it on the Coinbase app/website.

    The code changes every 60 (or 30?) seconds. That’s the gist. DON’T lose your phone! (or make sure to back up the 2FA setup.)

    Bonus info: Personally, I don’t use the app from Google; I use “Aegis.” It has some quality-of-life features, especially cloning to a new phone. If I recall correctly, Google has added a feature for this in the meantime. You can also install both apps without interference and test which one suits you best.


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