Help Wanted – Cryptocurrency StackExchange Site

Looking for technical people with StackExchange accounts!
Even if you’re not technical, maybe some in your crypto community will be interested, so pass on the message!

Some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have their own StackExchange sites and Q&As about other cryptos are off-topic there.
That is unfortunate, because StackExchange is a great site and it has amazing SEO, so any Q&As you post there will get indexed by Google, and later easily found if using the right keywords.
Note that it is NOT a site for general shilling of your coin but it could help it get noticed if you have some technical writers who’d make use of it and it could be a place for “helpdesk” kind of questions for your crypto – like help with setting up wallets, mining, staking, things like that. It is a place for technical questions and answers, and Q&As are expected to be of good quality as in: ask specific “how to do X” or “how does X work” types of questions and give fact based and non-opinionated answers.

Judging [by this]( they won’t allow any more single cryptocurrency sites, so the only way other cryptocurrencies could get a place for themselves on StackExchange is to create a general cryptocurrency site and share the space with others!

I want to have a place for Bitcoin Cash, and I’m happy to share it with others! If we make it a friendly and open space we could outgrow all other crypto SE sites! All friendly projects are welcome, let’s get more hands on this and create a nice space! I’m surprised nobody’s tried for a general site, I guess most projects selfishly wanted a site for themselves. Let’s not be like that – give, and you shall receive! Once it starts snowballing, I believe it’ll be unstoppable.

Note that launching a site on area51 has to go [through stages]( and currently it is in the easiest stage – we just have to get some followers and example questions with enough upvotes. Later, during public beta, we’ll have to generate enough quality activity to show that the site is viable. One step at a time.

The site is here:

PS if you have a StackExchange account, just link it to area51. If you don’t – then please make an account on **some other StackExchange site**, and then link it, to avoid area51 UX hell later.

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