Help! Cannot withdraw from Curve Polygon Aave Pool

Hi guys,

I am a crypto noob and need some help. Last time I deposited an amount into the Aave stablecoin pool in Curve Polygon for the yields and just left it there. I migrated to the new gauge when I was told to. Now, I would like to withdraw the amount back to my metamask, and clicked the “Withdraw and Claim” button. However, there was only USD0.09 in my staked share which could be withdrawn. The amount I first put into the pool can still be seen in the “My Share” section of the pool, but I cant find a way to withdraw it. There are also small amounts of stake rewards that are supposedly claimable under the option “Claim CRV & WMATIC” but there is no amount either. Is anyone able to advise me on what happened and what can be done? Also for some reason the USD balance is always loading but I can never see it. Thank you đŸ˜€

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  1. Curve and AAVE aren’t scams, your tokens are still there, it sounds like the UI is making it more difficult than it should be to withdraw from older pools.

    You can use []( or []( to figure out the exact balances you have across old and new curve pools, gauges and other defi protocols

    After you figure out the exact pools & gauges it should be as easy as clicking withdraw with the full amount. If you’re still having issues, it’d be best to ask in the Curve discord server


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