HashEx is the most trusted intelligence provider in DeFi

I have been investing in DeFi projects for a long time and I have learned a lot about this, because I have been studying the best ways to invest and one of these ways is invest in projects audited. This is really important, so if you are a new investor you should invest in projects audited by reliable platforms one of them is HashEx. You are probably asking what is HashEx?
Well, HashEx was founded in 2017. HashEx brings together a team of over 35 experts in blockchain analytics and security for DeFi projects. Their count with offices in the US, Asia and Russia. HashEx is widely known in the global crypto market for its expertise and solid reputation. HashEx has did 700+ smart contracts audits & 2.5B+ investor funds secured since 2017.
HashEx has two products: CryptEx and AnalytEx
CryptEx offers a set of security tools: liquidity locking, team vesting, token constructor.
AnalytEx is the first advanced analytics platform on the market in and beyond the evolving DeFi space, which combines terrabytes of data from Ethereum blockchains in real time, cleanses data, runs through the analytical engine, aggregates, and finally stores it an easy-to- access manner.

So we can conclude that to invest in DeFi projects can be dangerous but if you choose a reliable platform like HashEx, the most trusted intelligence provider in DeFi, your cryptocurrencies will be safe.

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