Got lured by the stablecoin options in Fantom, now the APY is terrible lol

Couple weeks ago I moved almost all my stables to Fantom, was really impressed by how much stuff I could do: beefy, scream, yearn (fake APY watch out), spookyswap, beethoven and others ! All platforms relatively safe and offering anywhere from 15-25% APY for solid stables like USDC, DAI. Now some days later pretty much all my positions are paying 3-6%. The best one is like 9%: a spookyswap TUSD-USDC LP being auto-compounded on beefy.

Kinda disappointed the rates crashed so freaking fast. Anyone kind enough to share some new options for stablecoins like USDC/DAI in Fantom ? I might even go with USDT if that’s what it takes.

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47 thoughts on “Got lured by the stablecoin options in Fantom, now the APY is terrible lol”

  1. Yeah it’s a shame. When an ecosystem booms the yields get really attractive, but when liquidity leaves they go back to their usual figures. If you think fantom will soon have another boom then may as well stick around for a couple of months. Otherwise, you can always get 20% on Anchor or 25%+ on farmersonly on Harmony.

    Edit: I heard Pangolin is paying 40% on USDC/UST right now too.

  2. Chasing high yields only works for a short period when a new chain is basically subsidizing all of the activity in the network (aka inflated yields). If you want to leave stables in for the long term, I’d search established chains/projects with the highest APR and leave it there. For example, on polygon I’m seeing stable pools ranging from 10-20%, and they’ve been in that range for a while.

  3. I’m using MOR/BUSD stablecoin pair LP on MOR (BSC). Unleveraged, it’s at around 30–35% pretty consistently, and with a pretty safe 2x leverage (meaning the LP would have to drop by 40–50% to be flagged for liquidation), I’m getting 49% APY (and those are real numbers unlike Yearn’s).

    No fees to open or close vaults. Borrow fees are fixed so there are no surprises.

    As for safety, MOR is the only project on BSC audited by ConsenSys Diligence, the team behind MetaMask and the firm who audited major projects like Uniswap, AAVE, 1inch, and Bancor.

    MOR is an overcollateralized stablecoin—it’s not one of those risky algorithmic stables. It’s a fork of DAI, but with the added benefit of being able to leverage yielding collaterals, like your yield farming positions (LPs and StkTokens). MOR protocol also has self-repaying loans on Avalanche and in a couple weeks, Fantom.

  4. Been using different pools, they all fluctuate. Some are hard to trust.
    Smallest with biggest yield is MOR, which for now works well and putting in more and more. Also no fixed fee or anything so easy to get in and out.
    Stay away from anything with a fixed fee.

    Been a bit scared to leverage but with stables it seems 99% safe, a 2x seems pretty okay and doubles your yield almost. Trying it out om MOR right now.

    I also have beefy and yearn, but earnings seem to just keep dropping, they seem to big to do anything new do boost those apy’s

  5. Depending how big your bags are you may want to look at single side lending in There are a few stable pools North of 20%.

    Note: Tarot always states the more conservative **APR** projections, not APY.

  6. just use Anchor protocol on Terra ecosystem, the APY is 19.5% since a year ago, only oscillating around +-0.05% since then. You wont get any better and stable than that

  7. This is bullish because it means fantom is an efficient and effective defi platform. This is literally what adoption looks like.

  8. Alchemix have hinted in their discord that they may expand into Fantom after they launch V2. If they do, that should be a good use case for some of your stable coins

  9. The same thing happened to me. Chasing yield on stables is tough, you have to be really nimble and the fees can eat up your gains for sure. I was earning north of 40% on USDC in Yearn and, boom!, the bottom dropped out. Turns out yearn was using OxDAI and they completely shut down their USDC staking to ZERO. I have since switched to another stable called MIM and I’m back in business at approx 20% again. Anything below 20% or so is not worth the risk IMO. I am not a big fan of CeFi but []( is offering 16.2% and it was 17% recently.

    If you’re willing to play around with other stables like MIM, DOLA and TUSD, you can get some pretty good rates on various Defi platforms. Right now [coindix]( is offering north of 53% on TUSD! 🔥 Good luck and stay safe and don’t answer any DM’s.

  10. You should check out []( No LP required and they have had stable rates since I started using them. They pay 23% ETH, 17% BTC, and 19% on stable coins. They pay to your account daily and there’s no lockup period so you can withdraw any time.

  11. Check out FarmersOnly on the Harmony chain, it’s an auto-compounding site, currently paying 25% APY on single stake USDC and 21% on USDT. They leverage Tranquil Finance lending\borrowing to achieve these returns. Yield does fluctuate but I have seen it drop below 15%.

  12. Chasing yield can be a full time job. Ultimately I settled on UST in Anchor because…

    * You can bridge into it cheaply from BSC
    * While UST did depeg once, it came back. My gamble is that ideally it won’t depeg wildly again but even if it did, wait a day or two and it’ll come back.
    * APY wiggles between 18% and 20% and has been here for like going on a year now

    TLDR: I use UST on Anchor because the APY has been *good enough* for *long enough*.

  13. It’s way better to go with APYs that are generally sustainable than the ones that entice you and rug you in the long run. I have been staking in the PNT – ETH liquidity pool on uniswap for 39% APY. It’s been a good experience and no impermanent loss.

  14. Some DeFi projects underdeliver and thats why I staying loyal to projects that have delivered their promise in the past. The likes of BRKL, YLD and DAFI.

    DAFI is tops for me. The gas fee is relatively cheap due to BSC network integration. I was on over 400% in the earlier days of the V2 staking. New integration news shows that DAFI could be heading for the moon.

  15. try the “Libre DeFi” project as a marketplace that combines all trading into one plane. Both crypto and real goods and services.

  16. I’ve been in EEUR/UST pool on osmosizone and APR is 11%

    One thing you should understand is that these APRs are not fixed, they’re all variable and as such can change fast as more people enter the pool

  17. It is cool to play with stables. But I would suggest that you jump in crypto little bit more. Because there are some reliable projects which are really undervalued and there you can earn more.
    I will give just one example. You got Nereus finance which is financed by Wirex with 5bln WXT tokens.
    Wirex is veteran in crypto, they were first with crypto debit card in the world.
    So, you got WXT token which use Wirex and Nereus finance, combo of cefi & defi makes more usage for coin which is undervalued. You have stake/land/borrow and price of WXT will probably go up.
    Little research can make much bigger gains. 🙂

  18. Planet Finance on BSC has great stablecoin yields on their Green Planet (10-20%)

    The plus here is it’s a lending and borrowing protocol, so you can actually supply your stables earning you 10-20%, borrow stables using your supplied stables as collateral, then re supply your borrowed stables to earn a higher APY, leveraging your initial capital pretty substantially.

    It’s really cool and works really well & their yields on stables have always been good since their launch in May 2021.

  19. BMI providing coverage with USDT. Paid in BMI token, nice apy but I highly recommend to not touch USDT. Don’t do it man they said they’ll add other stables but it’s been like a year since they said that

  20. These are low APYs TBH. I mean with spool I can get higher yields with less risk because their protocol aids diversification of funds on multiple yield generators

  21. but you can pull out at anytime right ? On fantom, you have the possibility to lock or to have unlocked staking ?

    DeFi is the place to stake, but DYOR prior to that.
    ATM i’m exploring liquidity pools on siren protocol, since they are joining them up. Lets see where this $10M market cap project take us and our option trades

  22. It can get really time consuming and for smaller pockets really expensive in fees when looking for higher yields!
    The best alternative I found in as it’s a auto farmer, and even though the yields are dynamic (as on the whole industry) I found it more competitive, plus for a more risky & rewarding option there are leverage up to 6.5x available

  23. I think DAI has a lot of potentials, it’s a good addition to my portfolio just the same way I have PNT giving so many options to stack up rewards, from farming to cashbacks and lots more.


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