Got a sales job in web3. Totally lost.

I am not new to web3. And I am not new to sales.

But sales in web3 feel very frustrating. I joined this marketing agency that caters to web3 projects—and my job is to track down web3 founders/decision-makers and get them on a call.

The problem is most of these people are anonymous with user names like 0xdegen. I don’t have lead generation software, email finders, or even paid lists that I can refer to. They are not even on LinkedIn.

The CEO simply told me to “go out there and build relationships”. I am more than happy to hang out with web3 people, but I don’t know where I can meet(online) the actual builders/developers.

I would really appreciate it if you guys could give me some recommendations about communities and online meet-up events, or other places where I can join and build my network.

Thanks in advance!

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9 thoughts on “Got a sales job in web3. Totally lost.”

  1. Discord for community focused presence, and if you need to speak to people higher up check if they have a GitHub company with main contacts.

    Depending on what’s your company focus you might be able to aim for specific ecosystems like game, nfts, etc.

    But definitely Discord first and if you want to be on the bleeding edge learn to search new project on GitHub and get in contact with the devs if the project looks promising.

  2. Web3 pretty much lives on discord and Twitter. Good luck talking to the devs though. There is usually someone on the team who is paid to be the face/voice of the project while the devs do their thing in the background.

  3. Sorry I don’t know how sales/marketing works… So you need their email or phone number and they would respond to your email or phone call you think? Idk I would never respond to any phone call or email from a random salesman.

    However in web3 it’s really simple to do this. Just log on to their discord, it’s easy to find the leaders/founders there especially if you know the username 0xdegen. Discord has call or text function so you can try your luck.

  4. LinkedIn is your friend in this industry, unfortunately Telegram is too (even for top 10 projects…)

    It takes a while to get a feel for it, but then it’s very easy to network and grow once you have the roots established.

  5. Go where the anonymous people with names like 0xdegen are: visit conferences, be active on twitter, discord, telegram

  6. Sorry if it is not the point of your question, but could you share in DM the name of the company? We are a consulting business in web3 that offers wide range of services and would like to expand our customer-base


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