Got $4k to throw in – where would you park it?

Hello degenerates.

I am heavily invested in decentralized asset liquidity mining and am earning really decent passive income. Decentralized asset income immediately gets flipped into BTC and stored away.

Now I have the opportunity to throw some more money in. My initial thought was so throw it all into liquidity mining, however, we all have been advised that putting your eggs in one basket is not wise. I was also considering splitting it – one third into BTC, one third into mining, and one third into ether.

What would you do?

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27 thoughts on “Got $4k to throw in – where would you park it?”

  1. You can buy more BTC and/or ETH and use that as collateral on a lending platform like Aave, borrow some stable coins or even established volatile coins (AVAX, MATIC) and enter LP positions with the borrowed assets.

  2. > I was also considering splitting it – one third into BTC, one third into mining, and one third into ether.

    That doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me.

  3. Just a heads up, its apparent you’re new to this, just a heads up, don’t offer to interact with anyone via DM, at all. Just ignore all DMs. Anything someone is DMing you is a scam, and they’re trying to get your money.


    Heres two awesome videos on some really common scams to look out for, I personally know someone who fell for the farming scam:


  4. There are two problems that occur with LPs in pairs, first of course is IL and the other simply being volatility, I mean why even stake if the volatility wipes out any gains ?

    There are two reasons:

    – you are HODLING so volatility is expected over the short term and well, any interest earned is more than keeping it a wallet collecting zero.

    – reduce the volatility so the APY should exceed it.

    There are few ways to do this:

    – stake stablecoin pairs or HODL coins, or better yet both which is why I love tricrypto on curve. Someone mentioned beefy, not sure what the advantage of staking curve through beefy but hey why not. HODL coins balanced out by stable ? cant beat that.

    – get into LPs when the coin price is stable or on an uptrend, like a bullmarket, are we back in one now ? not sure but I got in low and caught some nice gains in the past two weeks.

    – single stake so IL is not a factor, I was in the “cake” pool when it was %300 and slowy went down, exited at %150

    – or just stake stable coin pairs low APY but no volatility

    – Nexo and Celsius pay a nice apy on ongoing basis, its %12 on stable coins. Cant get more stable than that.

    I have some in Nexo, I am not in Crypto for that low an APY, I manage risk but still have more in riskier LPs to make better gains then %12.

    My biggest degen play, is the game with one of the few Ohm forks left, OneDao on harmony is slowly dying but the decline is less than the APY being paid on top bonds. So its declining like %10 over 5 days, the bond pays %25 and you can unstake part daily so I make at least %15 per week. Risky but so far so good.

  5. One of the main reasons for diversification is to reduce volatility. Liquidity mining is itself a hedge against volatility since it is effectively dollar cost averaging (assuming a USD pair), so by going into BTC and ETH positions, you’re actually increasing your exposure to volatility. I say this because you should make sure you’re accomplishing your goals by diversifying, rather than just doing it because it’s something everybody always says. So what are you trying to accomplish?

  6. Since you are already in LP pools, you could look at some of the node projects.

    Comb, Thor, Power, Strong, Kingdoms, Atlas.

    Also if you are technical you could look at some of the Proof of Stake coins. Flux is getting ready to restructure their node requirements and only 1000 coins (~$2k) to start a node but it does require setting up a virtual server.

    Also check out Plug-n-play miners, Helium, Planetwatch, Deeper, etc. Fastminers carries most of these.

  7. All in on a sub 50m project. High risk high reward. Could be 10x could be zero. My favourite play at the moment is Houses of Rome. 50m mcap, 30m treasury. Defi kingdoms on steroids with fairer token distribution.

  8. Wanchain + ZooKeeper, amazing fundamentals, low market cap, loyal community. Zookeeper has P2E gaming on the horizon, a humming NFT marketplace, and gamifiedyield farming with use-case NFT boosters. Check em out!

  9. If you’re into Concerts and NFTs. EverReflect is building their utility to sell concert/venue tickets using crypto. Check them out!

  10. Your plans are perfect, if I were you, i would do almost the same thing investing it in BTC, ETH, and throw the remaining into gaming tokens like SAND, AXIE or RIDE.


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