GMX or dYdX?

Recently saw an article on cointelegraph titled: “GMX and dYdX go head-to-head for the top decentralized derivatives position”

And it got me thinking… I have used GMX once before, but never used dYdX but it looks super promising and like a platform I could really get behind. The problem is I am a loyalist and only like trading on one platform so I am wondering which of these two you all prefer?

Should I stick with GMX or join the dYdX community, and which provides the best trading experience?

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10 thoughts on “GMX or dYdX?”

  1. Arbitrum is really the place to be when it comes to Defi now. I think GMX is a good bet. I find the yield and low volatility with GLP to be enticing. I’ve been accumulating GLP for months and have been payed handsomely in ETH and GMX. It’s a really good deal.

  2. Both! And others. Unidex has leveraged trading on several chains including Fantom, which has much lower gas fees than Arbitrum

  3. I personally use CAP. They offer decentralised futures for commodities, index, crypto and forex. Hard to find anything like this.

    GMX has great marketing though.

    It’s not a shill or something, but I honestly can’t understand why GMX don’t introduce no markets.

    Oracles are already prepared and available in other protocols.


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