GMX costs/profit loss calculations

I wonder if anyone else is having problems figuring out how profit/loss is calculated. Here’s my first trade on that platform:

\- Bought around $5000 worth of BTC on 3.5X margin, so I put up around $1500. Initial price 17,200. Closed the trade at a loss about 10 days later at around 16,700. The loss should have been around $145 before costs (transaction costs/borrow fee) but I ended up down around $250. This is really very high and I can’t figure out how I lost \~$100 more than I should have. Any comments?

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2 thoughts on “GMX costs/profit loss calculations”

  1. There is an opening and closing the fee? I think there is some slippage? There should be a transaction history when you connect your wallet.


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