Get to know LeverFi

Many ask what’s the advantages of trading at LeverFi and other DeFi Platforms. Get to know this Multi-chain DeFi lending platform. Deposit collateral assets for high yield. Borrow rUSD stablecoin against asset deposits. Transfer rUSD liquidity seamlessly across networks.

TVL underutilization is one of DeFi’s unresolved issues. When emissions are discounted, actual trading yields for liquidity pools are low. DEXs must continuously provide LPs with emissions in order to make up for this and keep them satisfied.

The market’s lending platforms use exaggerated collateral. This means that users cannot borrow more money than their collateral is worth. It is inefficient for borrowers to borrow a portion of their asset values at the risk of liquidation.

By connecting leverage traders and lenders in this platform, ever Finance closes this gap. Lever Finance allows users to maximize the value of their yield-bearing collateral to go long or short at up to 10x leverage by utilizing the team’s demonstrated expertise in asset yield deployments.

delivers value for users under all market conditions. Whether markets are bullish, bearish, or simply sideways, users can act accordingly to capture opportunities on longs, shorts or even to hedge against exposures on a portfolio management level.

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