Geist has my funds in hostage, help!

So I was staking USDC/WFTM for some decent yield, and after I earned about 20%, it dropped about 10% from there in the last dew days, so I decided to move it. I think I did something wrong tho. I forgot that the LP was converted into a Spirit token, which isn’t worth ANYTHING near what I invested. Is there any way to get back the value of what its worth? I hope I’m asking this right…

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3 thoughts on “Geist has my funds in hostage, help!”

  1. Perhaps stick to more simple defi protocols until you really get your head around defi.
    I suggest defi kingdoms on Harmony, it’s a gamified dex which makes things a bit more simple and helps you learn the ropes.
    I started there and learnt a lot of lessons that then transfers across to any dex you use.
    I also recommend the calculator guy on YouTube his channel is great for learning the ropes of defi.

  2. Oe hedge I have had over time in DeFi is the basic knowledge of what it’s all about and how to take advantage of the opportunities therein.

    So, I would suggest you look into projects that are sustainable and scalable for yield, though I believe Spool is more ideal for the purpose of splitting funds to make big gains. Since it involves the automatic channeling of funds across multiple yield aggregators, feel free to do your own research but I believe Spool will still stand out because the diversification brings about a risk-managed pool for the stable coins deposited in its spools.


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