Geist Finance Risks (Blizz)?

It doesn’t seem like it is talked about much relative to the amount of value that is locked. I know the token has dumped a lot but I am more talking about the usage of the protocol. I’m just trying to mitigate a rugpull and don’t care much about lost opportunity cost at this point.

It looks like they have been through an audit now.

Has the team been doxxed?…I know the multi-sig wallets have some prominent people on them so doesn’t that bode well for security?

Is there any concrete reason to avoid Geist?

Also has it been confirmed that Geist and Blizz are indeed from the same people?

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2 thoughts on “Geist Finance Risks (Blizz)?”

  1. When I first saw them, they were locking their farm token rewards for months. No thanks. GEIST dumped like a week later, showing why locked farm tokens are a suicide move.

    It’s different if they’ve like Aave on Polygon and Avalanche and are giving you gas tokens for the chain and not some random hyper inflationary shit coin.

  2. their farm tokens are being farm then dump/trade for other tokens. their price goes down a lot. they pay good APR but quite useless if the price of the farm token are consistently going down.


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