Functionality of DexScreener minus the watchlist being saved in browser cookies?

Every time I clear my cookies, I lose all of the pairs I am tracking on dexscreener. Usually I don’t but sometimes websites have issues until you do.

Its amazing to me that you can’t at least save the watch list to your wallet or in some other way.

I buy a lot of đŸ’© coins and track a lot of different stuff and this was a great way to do that on all chains I care about.

Anybody know of a good alternative?

One that allows me to track any trading pair (even if the token was created 10 seconds ago) and store in watchlist stored anywhere other than cookies?

Surely, one of these days a web3 app will pop up that will be price tracking and trading tools of dexscreener x cross-chain exchange x smart contract evaluation like token sniffer or coinalpha…. but until then, just being able to not lose my watchlist when I clear my cookies would be cool.

I’m aware of coinmarketcap but not everything is on there and chart tools are lacking..

I could use a different browser just for that I suppose but being able to use one would be nice.

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1 thought on “Functionality of DexScreener minus the watchlist being saved in browser cookies?”

  1. Got a reply from dexscreener. They said login functionality and storing watchlists on their server is coming very soon. Apparently they are the best in the game, haven’t heard any solid alternatives.


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