For DeFi to fully achieve its potential, the cryptocurrency sector must undergo a significant change

The DeFi sector has been experiencing a severe bear market for a number of months, and as a result, the total value of assets that are currently locked in this market has decreased significantly from its all-time high of $150 billion to just over $50 billion.

The quantity of money coming into this market via “centralized avenues” has increased despite this, partly because of the failure of FTX and other well-known companies like Celsius, Genesis, Vauld, etc. Trading volumes on some platforms even doubled in November 2022 alone.

Due to everything said above, I only use Flynt Finance because I have experience with steady yields there and don’t have to worry about DeFi hacks or yield depression from token inflation.

This is why I think the industry needs to undergo a huge shift in order for DeFi to properly realize its full potential. This is due to the fact that a sizable number of protocols active in this area have been giving users unsustainable returns for a very long time. However, investor interest in decentralized options appears to be waning in light of the recent rise in interest rates, inflation levels, and so-called “risk-free” rate of return on six-month Treasury notes topping 5%.

DeFi has really been impacted by the quickly shifting macroeconomic climate, with some established programs modifying their compensation structures significantly just to stay competitive. For instance, MakerDAO has approved a referendum to double its Dai savings rate to 1%.

What do you think of the possible modifications?

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2 thoughts on “For DeFi to fully achieve its potential, the cryptocurrency sector must undergo a significant change”

  1. Wondering why you’re saying you don’t have to worry about “defi hacks”? Is Flynt Finance CeFi? If it is ☠️if it’s not then what makes you sure they can’t be hacked?

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