Flashstake – Earn a year’s worth of yield upfront, immediately, today. ($GLP strategy launched today with initial 60% APY!)

Flashstake is coming to Arbitrum. The token $FLASH has been available for a few days on Arbi besides mainnet. The token itself has had a nice little 30% run in the last few weeks, but the exciting news is their protocol is about to launch it’s first Arbitrum based strategy!
The protocol is what excites me more than the token. What can you do at app.flashstake.io/stake? You can basically get an upfront yield paid out on your stake instead of having it dripped block by block like most protocols. Why would you want to do that? Easy, instant liquidity..

What can you do with instant liquidity? Anything! You can loop it into more staked asset to then get more liquid right away and keep looping. You can take that upfront yield & go pay a bill, go put it to work in a meme coin, buy an NFT, etc. So how does it work?

Flashstake is already live on mainnet & Optimism, but now they’re going to be launching a strategy on Arbitrum with the GMX token – $GLP. It’s set to go live sometime the afternoon of March 28th. With this strategy, you can make up to 50-60% in instant up front yield…

Flashstake works in a few ways (different than their Flashback product). Basically you set your amount of token, length of time & then stake it. But instead of getting let’s say $1 a day for 180 days, you get the $180 upfront in yield. But your deposit is “locked” for 180 days.
The yield varies depending on if you lock for 10 days or 100 days. It’s up to you how long you do it for. Recently we’ve seen several whales lock 100-200 ETH for 30 days & basically get a normal monthly salary in yield paid up front. You can unlock at any time – sort of…
If you remove your stake before the period ends, there’s some mechanics where you have to pay back some of the stake rewards you earned before you can withdraw early. So principal safe & sort of liquid if emergency, but you do lose the benefits, so if not sure, stake for a shorter length of time. Gas is cheap enough on Arbitrum, just find the sweet spot with APY% vs. length of time locked, and just lock it for that. I.e. if 30 days is 45% and 60 days is 50%, I would just do 30 days personally.

I’ve used their product on Eth & Opti. But the options lack on Opti – just sUSD with low yield. The Arbi strategy excites me, bc you have all the new found $ARB liquidity flowing around the ecosystem, & lots going into GMX. Their $GLP token has always been popular because holding $GLP you earn part of GMX dashboard fees. GMX is very popular platform earning real fees, generating real yield for GLP holders. So Flashstake has worked with them to create a strategy behind the scenes to provide that yield essentially upfront to GLP Flashstakers…

How does the strategy work? There’s a bunch of technical stuff happening behind the scenes. Here’s a general diagram of the process.

So let’s say you buy $1000 worth of $GLP & flashstake it for 90 days & earn 40% yield when it launches, you get $400 worth of GLP instantly deposited to your wallet once you lock. So now you have $400 liquid to go play with. Loop it to earn another $160, or deploy it.

No matter what you choose to do with your upfront yield, the key is you have the yield – instantly – to redeploy how you see fit!

As always, be careful in the crypto wild west. Make sure to follow only the official Flashstake Twitter/join their discord. There’s been fake FLASH airdrop Twitter scams. There’s no FLASH airdrop. Make sure to grab the token addy only from FLASH team. It’s on both Arb & Eth.

Here’s a link to their official Medium article explaining the upcoming $GLP launch far better than I can…

As a reminder, Flash can afford to pay you upfront, because they take a small 5% fee out of your REWARDS – not principal. Kind of like a bank. Where it’s more like a loan because you get it up front and they get paid with a small fee. Except you never have to pay it back, they just hold your collateral until it unlocks. Then you’re free to move it or restake for rewards again!

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