Finally we can get rid of the people preaching about the sure 10+% APR on stables.

They were the most annoying for me. Some even said 10% APR is too low, even if they were sure it is “risk free”. LMAO

In order to get this “sure” 10% you had to mix your not so shitty stablecoins with the more shitty stablecoins like UST in a pool and bury your head in the sand LMAO.

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14 thoughts on “Finally we can get rid of the people preaching about the sure 10+% APR on stables.”

  1. There are lots of stablecoin pools not involving UST.

    Even usdt once depegged below 80 cents few years ago. Anyway I like to think there’ll be a learning opportunity for Terra with this current attack

  2. lol, yeah but I’m willing to bet that it won’t last for long. Remember IRON/TITAN? They did the exact same thing with their stablecoin as UST/LUNA is doing and it was less than a year ago. It crashed and burned, and everybody here was swearing to never use algo stables again…

    Now we have Waves trying the same as well “decentralized USD” on TRON from Justin Sun. Old scams new suckers


    Here are some links to IRON / TITAN threads from last year. You can see the same question in the UST threads today:

  3. LoL. Nothing is risk-free in this space.

    Yet, you can purchase insurance for stable coin DePeg or for smart contract failures if you want to secure your asset…

    There are several insurance providers in this space and the Insurance field is growing with Blockchain since it is a “must”.

    I’ll drop a link to an insurance aggregator called Bright Union if you want to check what can be insured and how many insurance providers there are.

    All UST-depeg insurances sold out lol

  4. Hallelujah. So sick of all these delusional and unsustainable protocols. It’s worse that reputable influencers (looking at you Kevin Rose) keep talking about this DeFi bs which adds legitimacy and brings noobs to get rekt.

  5. I get that this is not the right add but what if an exchange would offer 0.05% of every trade, instead of APY, if you hodl the native token ?

  6. Lol you can’t get rid of them because not only with UST can you get 10%, I use blockbank which has USDC and USDT staking available for up to 10% as well so what are you saying?

  7. The reasonable thing here is to diversify, simple. That’s the way to steer clear of events such as this. One thing I learnt in Spool is that there is nothing like ‘risk-free’. Risk can only be managed while optimizing yield.

  8. You are using one stablecoin as a case study here because of the current market situation but then that’s not the only stable that exists.
    What is worthy to take note of is that your risk preference will be totally different from that of another, so I suggest you diversify your portfolio and manage your risk accordingly just like what Spool does, and avoid unnecessary losses.

  9. Feeling bullish with vinci protocol they are fermenting something incredible for us crypto fans! Actually look at this outline underneath because it tells here how might we utilize their foundation

  10. You can make 20%+ at Alpaca Finance or Aperture Finance with delta neutral strategies on stables.


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