Fellow degens – what’s the coolest thing you’ve seen in DeFi recently?

We’re putting together our newsletter at [rhino.fi]( and we always include an innovation section, highlighting three cool things that have happened in DeFi over the previous month.

This month we thought we’d open this up to the community, so we get some fresh perspectives (and it may also help us prioritise our own development work moving forward).

All views welcome! Hopefully it opens up a cool discussion too 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Fellow degens – what’s the coolest thing you’ve seen in DeFi recently?”

  1. Transparent reserves via a locked vault is the my solid pick. Check out what Padswap are doing on bsc and moonbeam. Padswap.exchange

  2. I don’t know if others will consider this the coolest thing, but what Avalanche has done launching coreapp has been cool, considering it is a pretty intuitive wallet and browser, and it makes it pretty easy to view your assets, subnets, bridge bitcoin and you can also have access to NFTs. That’s all I’ve tried so far, whether it has other features or not, I’m not really suure.

  3. Radix DLT’s wallet with Smart Accounts & a Transaction Manifest.

    Smart Accounts allow different recovery options so you’re not doomed if you lose your seed phrase.

    Transaction Manifest shows you exactly what your transaction will do (tokens withdrawn, tokens deposited etc), then you accept & either the transaction goes through exactly as stated, or the entire transaction fails and nothing happens. (No unexpected returns, no “hash & hope” like blindingly signing a MetaMask transaction.)

  4. Osmosis Super Fluid staking: It allows liquidity providers on Osmosis to simultaneously participate in liquidity pools and also stake their LP tokens to validators on the blockchain.

    Taking that of NGM/OSMO for example, the staking mechanism directly increases the opportunity for NGM and OSMO holders and validators to earn rewards, as tokens can simultaneously earn transaction fees from providing pool liquidity and earn staking rewards for helping to secure the network.

  5. Gains network on Polygon probably. I can literally leverage forex and stocks alongside crypto. Degenerate behavior at it’s finest.

  6. For me, the DIA DAO work program is the coolest thing I’ve come across because you can find educational things there, but the community can earn for completing tasks.

  7. The dexes on avalanche like trader joe. Also the Fexes like enclave are good looking too. That’s the future of defi if you ask me about it

  8. DeFi projects omitting the use of bridges and the need for wrapping when interacting with multiple blockchain chains. We all know how badly the cryptocurrency image and marketcap have been hurt by bridge exploits and hacks. So seeing DeFi projects establish protocols that use smart contacts to interact with other chains for swap, DIDs and DeFi is to me the coolest thing I have seen so far. Zetachain is still on testnet basis, but the recent bitcoin infusion to the supported assets and a future addition of other coins like doge really does excite me a lot.

    It’s no secrete I am not a fan of cex [no thanks to how badly the supposed major ones have dealt dubiously and fraudulent with crypto investors], so seeing this bridgeless and wrapless protocols in use does give me hope of a possible take over from cex by DeFi.


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