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Hey, I recently started a [Weekly newsletter]( showcasing the best vaults, yield farming strategies, and news mainly centered around Fantom and Solana.

The turnout has been great so far and I’ve received a lot of great feedback. (Thank you to everyone who subscribed!!)

I feel like I’ve put together the perfect strategy for finding the most sustainable vaults. Sustainable vault = a vault that has an APY with low-volatility. I am trying to provide the most utility to users, and promote the best strategies.

Does anyone have suggestions, or things they personally seek in information in the defi space?

Would you be interested in seeing my strategy for vetting vaults?

I also write [threads on twitter]( Should I include write-ups similar to those?

Any feedback is appreciated : ).



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2 thoughts on “Feedback on Newsletter!”

  1. Good stuff! Like the graphics, has nostalgia vibes. Do you cover Cosmos Ecosystem too? That would be interesting for me to hit subscribe. Especially L1 chains like Juno, SIF and this week launched Crescent

  2. This is good stuff. Quick question, I have only ever used defi on AVAX. What’s the best way to move into Solana and fantom?


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