Fallen for a crypto phishing site. Advice needed.

Hi all, I am a crypto newbie and today I’ve foolishly clicked on a phishing site. Its a scam site asking people to claim a USDC compensation circulating in Twitter.

I have all my assets in Ledger. I clicked on the ‘Click Here To Claim / Connect Wallet’ button on the site. The only approval I’ve given it is to allow it to change the network (from Avalanche to Ethereum) in Metamask. I don’t have any assets in the Ethereum network, but I have some tokens in other networks. There was a spining wheel when I switched to the Eth network.

After I realised I did a dumb thing, I disconnected my Ledger from MM and revoked all connected sites. I am now worried if these back actors can access my cryptos. Are there anything further precautions I need to take? Btw, I have a few accounts in MM that is linked to this Ledger devices.

Your advice is appreciated, many thanks in advance.

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  1. Unplugging your ledger from metamask and disconnecting from sites does nothing. If all it did was change networks then you are likely safe. If you sent or approved any transactions then you may be at risk. Search your wallet address in the explorers for the chains you use (snowtrace for avalanche and etherscan for ethereum) to see if you have any recent token approvals to unknown contracts and revoke those. Best of luck.


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