Fake DAI Stablecoin

Traded my coins into DAI to invest in yield farming on the sidelines… at least that’s what I thought. I am now stuck in this worthless sham of a coin and will likely lose 99% of my original investment. If anyone knows anything about this or can help… It would be much appreciated.

[Here’s the Contract Address: 0x538a3b8d2341c6cde53bbe36a37c03573ff6698f](

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5 thoughts on “Fake DAI Stablecoin”

  1. I’ve had a fake USDC find itself on to quickswap as a custom token somehow. Luckily I still have all my crypto and nothing seems to be compromised. No idea how it was added on to there but it sketched me out when I noticed it.

    Sorry about losing your funds.

  2. What’s the address of the token?
    How does it compare to DAI tokens when you search on the blockchain scanner?

    Clearly there’s no liquidity between Dai and BNB wherever you’re trying to do the trade. 96% price impact. So don’t do it.

    But it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fake.

    Unless you imported the Dai token address from some shady place, I doubt that your search on spookyseao gave you a fake Dai token.

    Just find a way to trade it back to what you originally had before this.

  3. You got screwed. DAI is pretty popular. It’s probably already in the default list for a reputable DEX. If you’re ever confused, just go to the token page on coingecko or coinmarketcap. There’s always a section near the top that shows the token/contract address.


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