Example of metamask fishing email

I just received this from “metamask.io” and some other wierd address. It’s an obvious fishing email. Annoyed that I even received this email, as some scammer knows I have a metamask account. I post this here so other can see what one looks like. All links removed



Our system has shown that your MetaMask Wallet has not yet been KYC verified. This verification can be done easily with the below displayed connection. Due to the recently update of NFT’s, all unverified accounts will be suspended on: Saturday, February 12 th, 2022. We’re sorry for any inconvenience we cause. What if I don’t complete the wallet verification ?  If you don’t verify your wallet,your wallet will be restricted.        Check your wallet (link removed)

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  1. Metamask, KYC… that’s reason before I send my buddies to the crypto wormhole, i underline how metamask works. It’s a must to understand so nobody enters their seed phrase anywhere else!


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