Every DeFi user needs to prepare for the next wave. Let’s take a moment to talk about this.

With the resounding success of the Bored Apes NFT collection, the NFT movement seems to have only just begun, with a lot more use cases to come.

One such concept I have been interested in is NFT Staking. Basically, this involves locking your NFT in return you earn yields. The advantage here is that locking in your NFTs theoretically should make that particular NFT collection supply more scarce, leading to potentially greater perceived value.

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Here is a list of projects already live with NFT staking features or currently working on NFT staking:

1. MoBox – a P2E (play 2 earn) gaming platform that offers users the ability to stake NFTs to earn token rewards.

2. ZooKeeper – a yield farming decentralised platform.

3. DAFI Protocol – an innovative multichain demand pegged staking platform designed to encourage long term holders by synthetics to reward stakers.

4. Binance Fan Token Platform – a centralized NFT platform, that allows creators and collectors to publish and trade NFTs.

You can DYOR (do your own research) about these platforms and protocols, because as the NFT trend continues, we may soon begin to hear and see more about NFT staking.

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