Euler exploiter is now sending ETH to the Euler deployer!!

Based on a recent report by ZachXBT, it appears that the hackers who targeted the DeFi protocol Euler Finance now sending the stolen funds to Euler Finance back.

So far, approximately 3,000 ETH has been sent back. It is not yet clear whether this means that the hackers have agreed to Euler Finance’s $20 million deal. However, the fact that the stolen funds are being returned is a positive development for Euler Finance and its users.


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4 thoughts on “Euler exploiter is now sending ETH to the Euler deployer!!”

  1. It’s definitely a positive sign that the hackers are returning the stolen funds to Euler Finance. This shows that the project’s response and negotiation tactics have had some impact. However, it’s essential to stay vigilant and follow the situation closely. It’s also a reminder for everyone in the crypto community to prioritize security and be cautious when investing in new projects. Let’s hope this situation resolves in the best possible way for all parties involved.

  2. Self custodying in whatever capacity is still the best security in the space. Its already being made easier to access all your assets at one go from a multichain identity management tool such as OREID.


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