Ethereum Stakers – What is your biggest gripe with staking?

Had been doing a bit of research on staking, workflows people follow, and others. Number of people who stake eth on lido or other liquid staking protocols is less than 150K. On centralised exchanges maybe that number is bit higher.

Would love to know from you all who stake ethereum, where do you stake it and what do you wish was simpler or better (if there is any)

Trying to figure the challenges associated with staking.

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1 thought on “Ethereum Stakers – What is your biggest gripe with staking?”

  1. I stake on Uniswap (nice returns) and sushiswap (lower returns). Also trying both Dem.Exchange (they should have chosen a better name) liquidity and staking pools which have next to no tx fees and nice returns.

    Which brings me to the challenges. The transaction fees. Imagine waiting for that collectible yield to amount to -say- 15$, only to realize that if you try to claim it and have it deposited in your wallet, you need to pay 10 to 15$ in Ethereum fees.

    Danksharding will hopefully fix this. Otherwise we will see more outflow of capital to less mature, less decentralized chains like BNB, Polygon, AAVE, cosmos, and 100s more.

    *You’d get that amount every 3-4 days by staking 3000 USDC + 2.4 ETH in the Uniswap 0.3% pool) so 6000$ investment brings you about 1-1.5k $ p.A. which is an exceptional return in the finance world 😉


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