ETH strategy comparison, Lido and Instadapp

I would like to compare the overall return for these 2 strategies, both starting with 1 ETH

**Strategy 1**
Step 1: Deposit 1 ETH into Instadapp Lite ETH V2 vault, get a 9% return.

**Strategy 2**
Step 1: Stake 1 ETH with Lido, get a 5% return and 1 stETH.
Step 2: Deposit the 1 stETH I got in step 1 into Instadapp Lite ETH V2 vault, get a 9% return.

I assumed strategy 2 must be more profitable but someone who seemed to know what they are talking about in the Instadapp discord said they would have the same return. He says strategy 2 is contained in strategy 1 because the first thing Instadapp Lite ETH V2 vault does with an ETH deposit is to convert it into stETH, and that’s how you get the first 5% of the 9%.

However he also said that depositing stETH into Instadapp Lite ETH V2 vault gets you 9%. So I still figure getting 5% on the original ETH through lido first, then 9% from Instadapp should give me 5% + 9%?

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1 thought on “ETH strategy comparison, Lido and Instadapp”

  1. stETH accrue the % by rebalancing, so once you send them the stETH only they will just earn the 5%. when you send eth they likely convert to stETH too getting the first part of the 9%

    if they say you’ll get 9%, that’s what you will get.


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