Do you really think DeFi will be accessible to everyone?

Because I do. I think DeFi has the potential to make the world fairer.


Yes. The boy growing up on the street should have the same opportunities as the spoiled brat. I sometimes believe that hype is all we people care about. Getting “insane rich”.

But Blockchain technology is revolutionary. It will change the world. It’s up to us how we do that.

Me? I decided to found a community that will make crypto education as addictive as playing games. Play 2 earn meets behavioral science.

The Duolingo of DeFi.


[Using the power of NFTs to teach DeFi](


At this point, we came quite far. But now we need fresh people. Content creators of Reddit. Please. If you have any experience in DeFi education. Making courses. Animation or mad photoshop skills. Lend us a hand, so we don’t have to beg a VC for funding.

A simple [Twitter follow]( would mean a lot. Let’s make this vision come true. Together 🤝🏻.

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20 thoughts on “Do you really think DeFi will be accessible to everyone?”

  1. I think DeFi has the potential for mass adoption. What we need is for projects to simplify themselves down to the level of “the boy growing up on the streets”. It’ll take a while but we’ll get there eventually. Some projects are already doing a great job with that. HyperdexFinance is one of those doing their best to make things absolutely simplified and that why I think they’re one of those who’ll champion mass adoption in the DeFi space.

  2. It’s already accessible to just about anyone who’s willing to put in the time and effort. But in theory, so is Mount Everest. The problem is that both are very risky and neither is even close to being user-friendly for the average person. And I don’t see those issues being completely resolved for DeFi for at least several more years — say the second half of this decade at the earliest.

    And who knows how the regulatory landscape will develop in the meantime. If regulators clamp down too hard and stifle innovation in the DeFi space than the risk and ease of use issues will become moot.

  3. I am trying to understand the project.
    How does it work?
    Why there is a need of a token/NFT to follow a course?
    Can people create a course?
    In that case how they get rated? (And there is a way to prevent scams?)

  4. Decentralized finance has come to stay and it’s for everyone, unlike the banks that keeps the rich people richer and the poor poorer, Anyone with a smart phone or a pc can have access decentralized finance, If you cant own any coin you can access a decentralized exchange then you can perform defi operations from the comfort of your home, your office or even while at the grocery store.

    Decentralized exchanges like uniswap, pancakeswap etc has made it possible for seemles decentralized DEX operations, each with it’s uniqueness and project like kaddex can come with a gas free decentralized exchange for easy access and free transactions on decentralized exchange.

  5. Any one who can get a internet connection can participate in DeFi, this can make DeFi accessible for everyone.
    It definitely has some drawbacks and will face resistance from the orthodox banking system, but it is the future.

  6. yeah DeFi is for everyone which makes it unstoppable. With the growth and improvement we have seen on DeFi protocols it quiet interesting, too the extent of lending and borrowing. Take for instance the AXL platform that offers a all round utility like staking, yield farming, to the extent of lending and borrowing in a safer and fair way. we can tell that yeah DeFi is bringing a good approach of financial growth to a layman.

  7. I dont think LP defi and NFT staking defi is for mass adoption but straight staking defi like some of the MATIC protocols are more user friendly for daily earnings..

    Example would be MATIC Staker

    Website –

  8. It’s brand new tech so there is a learning curve. I really think it’s just… my grandma used a rotary phone. She was at the point in her life where if something required new learning, it wasn’t worth it. If you’re at that point, then yes defi will be impossible. If you aren’t and you’re willing to do an hour or two of research into it, it’s not impossible.

    Especially basic stuff like using Aave or depositing UST into Anchor. Like if you can wrap your head around the idea that Chime, Paypal, and Cashapp are all about banking but they aren’t the same thing and they work differently, you can wrap your head around most crypto basics.

  9. Well things are changing quite fast and we are in the 21st century. Initially one would think the boy on the street wouldn`t have access to the DeFi world unlike the Rich kids. Some Defi project like AXL offers lending and borrowing services, including staking giving everyone a chance to participate in DeFi irrespective of your financial status

  10. DeFi is a series of protocols that will be accessed through centralized entities for 90% of people. There is no future where everyone is handling their finances through metamask, just as nobody is interacting with internet protocols directly. Just as people use internet browsers to navigate the web they will use some simplified platform to do basic finance stuff, and that platform will be the thing interacting directly with these protocols.

  11. Of course DeFi can be open and accessible to everyone with the rate at which it’s developing currently… Especially now that some projects like ALBT is seriously working on their gateway to make crypto accessible to everyone…

  12. DeFi has contributed a huge number of crypto adoption so far and I think this is just the beginning, but there is need for a continuous crypto/DeFi education.

    Since Blockbank plays a major role in giving DeFi services to the mass, their Robotic Advisor also plays a significant role in this regard; giving investment tips, education and advice to it’s investors

  13. DeFi is available to everyone and yeah it’s fair take for instance DeFi protocol like DVDX a trading platform that offers it users unlimited liquidity and zero spillage. That’s one good thing about DeFi you can literally find good things on the DeFi protocol.


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