Do DeFi platform have a steep learning curve?

How did you feel the first time you saw Aave? And Curve? Pancakeswap?

Even though some platforms have a simpler UI than others (see Uniswap vs Sushi), the first time we’ve had a look at them, we definitely felt a bit disoriented. DeFi platforms do complex stuff, thus it is hard to simplify them too much.

Daemons, the platform that allows anyone to automate blockchain operations, isn’t a simple platform, but it aims at being as straightforward as it could get. For this reason, they started a new series of tutorial articles, so that everyone will easily get familiar with it.

If you are interested, here is the first: [A Stroll Through the UI](

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2 thoughts on “Do DeFi platform have a steep learning curve?”

  1. That is just called an aggregator haha, I think all blockchains have one at this point, but I started with Algorand by using AlgoFi, pretty intuitive overall, sometimes a bit annoying

    Hope I have the opportunity to be part of a project soon through Fundraising on ANgelblock as well


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