Divi introduces its Divi DeFi Bridge

Divi introduces its Divi DeFi Bridge in order to bring to DIVI to the Ethereum blockchain, which is a big step forward in “Divi Everywhere” initiative.

[New DIVI DeFi Bridge](

Divi focuses on building the world’s easiest-to-use ecosystem that takes a multi-currency approach, mixing DIVI, other cryptocurrencies, and fiduciary currency into a single platform. It aims to make DIVI easy to obtain and use on a variety of other platforms, such as wrapped versions of DIVI in other blockchains, inclusion in other portfolios, and as many access ramps and applications as possible. It also aims in the long term to bring near-zero rates by sending, exchanging, or storing cryptocurrencies. It also owns its fintech (Ridivi), the company is on track to achieve its goal of driving the scarcity of its currency by putting easy access to cryptography in the hands of everyone in the world with a cell phone. Currently, they are creating a variety of use cases, such as games, a digital nomadic space, media/entertainment, commercial solutions, and DeFi apps, as it leads the way to the next era of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. It has just made a partnership with the National Championship (La Liga) of the Spanish Division of the First Division, which is the highest category of the Spanish Soccer League system, to make Divi Wallet its official cryptographic wallet for the for the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and Chinese regions. The level of exposure that the Divi currency and its divi wallet will not be the same, so everything points to its imminent takeoff. With this DiviWallet it is very easy to earn money, either by configuring a masternode or Staking with its feature Staking Vaults, which can be obtained +23% of ROI. [

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