Different contract addresses for LUNA on eth network?

Is there any way to bridge LUNA from terra to eth and have it be the WrappedLUNA that coinbase/binance uses and not WormholeWrappedLUNA or AxelarWrappedLUNA? They have different contract IDs so I’m not sure if they’re compatible?

These are all contract IDs for “LUNA” and all on the eth network:
LUNA from Wormhole bridge: 0xbd31ea8212119f94a611fa969881cba3ea06fa3d
LUNA from Shuttle or Axelar bridge: 0x31DAB3430f3081dfF3Ccd80F17AD98583437B213
Wrapped LUNA on Binance: 0xd2877702675e6cEb975b4A1dFf9fb7BAF4C91ea9

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1 thought on “Different contract addresses for LUNA on eth network?”

  1. I think only the old bridge (bridge.terra.money) can mint WrappedLUNA and it’s no longer operational. You can use wormhole and swap to WrappedLUNA or a different token and then deposit that to coinbase/binance.

    It’s probably better to ask in the terra subreddit / discord.


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