DFX – Circle Community AMA

What’s better than a brand new fully reserved stablecoin built by one of the most trusted names in the space? Not much! However, we could not be more excited to see @circlepay and @DFXFinance working together on the launch of #EuroCoin.

Euro Coin (EUROC) is Circle’s newest #stablecoin that will launch on June 30th. It has been designed with the same full-reserve model as #USDC so that it is always redeemable 1:1 for euros. The next generation of global finance cannot rely solely on USD-pegged stablecoins so it is great to see such advancements being made throughout the ecosystem.

DFX Support

The @DFXFinance team is ecstatic to be one of the first #DeFi protocols to offer EUROC to their amazing community and the world. Along with Circle, DFX Finance is not only dependable, but is built by an authentic team who is ready to create an ecosystem for non-USD stablecoins to thrive and provide value to their users all over the world, no matter where they are.

As one of the first protocols to offer Circle’s new #EuroCoin, DFX Finance wants to be one of the first to talk to Mr. @Reginatto (VP Product @Circlepay) and the team about all the excitement going on.

Join DFX: 6/22 – Wednesday @ 5PM EST

Can’t wait to see everyone there!

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  1. In your words what is DFX, why is it necessary and how do they improve the lives/efficiency of the consumer?

    Also is this a Circle project sorta like a subsidiary or is it a proper partnership?

    Why the EURO? Just my opinion but the EU is going through alot of trials.


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