DEXs – 1) what happens to my order when my wallet disconnects from an order book DEX & 2) how is margin handled on DeFi platforms?

1: DEX limit orders when my wallet disconnects: If I place a limit order to buy or to sell and then.. my browser tab goes to sleep, or I close my browser, or I disconnect my wallet or turn of my computer etc etc… what happens to my order? Does it stall or get cancelled? Or will it still get filled? I would image if it gets filled then somehow the DEX must ‘hold’ the token, otherwise I could double-spend it by disconnecting from the DEX and then using that token elsewhere. I’d like to be able to place limit orders and know that my trades will still be executed if the wallet disconnects from the DEX, whether because my computer went to sleep or perhaps I disconnected because I am in transit or switched my wallet to a different chain to do other transactions.

2: Margin on DEXs: Am I right in thinking that if I use leverage aka margin that the coin used as collateral is removed from my wallet and held there, similarly as to when coin(s) are taken out of a wallet when staking or supplying liquidity to a pair on a DeFi platform? And I would presume that in order to see the current value… or to find out if I got liquidated lol… I’d have to connect my wallet to the platform and view the balances, again the same as checking the values on staked tokens or LPs?

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  1. 1) From 1Inch: Which allows you to place limit orders

    **What if my limit order never gets filled?**

    There are several factors that can cause a limit order to not be filled.

    **Here are a few:**
    The exact limit order price target might not have been reached. The charts displayed on the 1inch UI aggregate price data from multiple sources. At times, there can be a difference between the displayed chart price and the on-chain execution price.
    The order might not have been profitable for a taker. Takers must consider the order’s size, gas fees, and personal profit margin before deciding to fill your order. Also, takers may only fill part of the order, then seek out other orders with more profitability.
    It is a rare token which has low trading volume. There may currently not be a taker on the other side to fill the order.
    There are insufficient funds in the wallet to fulfill the order. If a limit order is placed and the funds are moved, it will remain active, but unfilled.

    **Why can’t I view my limit order?**

    The transactions might not have been signed before placing ;
    The order was already executed (this can be checked in your 1inch order history);
    The page needs to be refreshed.


    2) Look up GMX… read their docs.


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