Developers claim that Everscale has the fastest transaction speed with the ability to handle TPS of 1M and cheap transaction fees

Hey friends, I’ve researched a bit about Everscale as I’m looking for a long-term investment. As I learned it is promised to be the fastest and most scalable blockchain. This kind of confuses me if they are so fast and cheap, then why is it not that popular? They have TPS of 64,000 claiming to be able to handle TPS of 1M and also super cheap transaction fees of 0,0014 USD each no matter how much your transaction is. How true is that? I’m thinking of investing in their token because their technological features are impressive but I’m confused by the fact of the token price – it’s too low for such a big project. Interesting to read your thoughts on this as I have some questions and uncertainties left.

So, Everscale has both sharding and multithreading. Prolly that’s why it can handle TPS of 1M and low fees – this is what made me think of investing – more people will use it with such low gas fees and such a fast speed. Do you think it can be that for the near future?

I will be very happy if you shed more light on my investigations

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11 thoughts on “Developers claim that Everscale has the fastest transaction speed with the ability to handle TPS of 1M and cheap transaction fees”

  1. It’s easy to advertise those numbers when your chain does low volume. I highly doubt they can handle anywhere near 1 million transactions a second, if they can it’s probably centralized.

  2. The price is low now, seems some whale keeps dumping the project. Better to wait till he leave. Also their marketing is silent, so I think this could be tre reason too. Anyway, I will follow them on CMC waiting for the opportunity to buy the dip
    Thank you!

  3. I have seen somewhere that they recently set a network speed of around 12k TPS. I know the test network was over 60K TPS.

    Seems like they need to have more running and see what numbers they get.

    Maybe the info i seen was way out but worth looking further into it.

  4. Here’s my skepticism:
    1. Sharding on paper sounds great but it’s not a panacea. Other chains with sharding never really solved the cross sharding dilemma. Does the project have a solution in place to seamlessly get this traffic to move between shards. If the answer is no, don’t expect them to solve it anytime soon.

    2. Raw TPS is only good if you need it and it’s actually useable. Many chains have been plagued by RPC issues, which is basically like wiping out right when high traffic comes in. All the the TPS in the world won’t matter if you can’t use it. See if they’ve solved RPC and can successfully scale it.

    3. Low fees lead to network spam. How do they handle network spam so they aren’t forced to raise prices down the road.

    If they already have solutions for all these problems I’d invest asap but my guess is that they won’t be anywhere near close.


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