Despite being one of the most, if not the most, volatile market in the world, cryptocurrency is always able to attract the younger generations. And not gonna lie, that’s kinda cool.

I mean just go and read the statistics, it’s easy to see that crypto is the youngest financial market that exist now, but also, it’s bringing the youngest investors. I mean comparing the age average of individuals investing in a stock market vs the ones investing in cryptocurrency, there’s some interesting gap between them.

That does actually show that younger individuals tend to prefer this crypto on other investments. I mean let’s face it, crypto, blockchain, web3, the metaverse all these titles are actually attractive, especially for the younger generations and the teens that do love to be part of a technological revolution. And this is one of the most convenient reasons why the youngsters are more crypto enthusiasts. Not to mention that the cryptosphere has been directly linked to the gaming industry.

Another thing that’s bringing the students and the young to invest in crypto is the fact that this tech is being adopted as part of the educational systems in some of the biggest universities. For example, EduDAO has been one of the trending projects in the past few months, as it’s been funded by BitDAO to support universities like Berkeley, Oxford, and Harvard. This kind of initiatives will be attracting more college students into investing in crypto.

I think that the fact that crypto is being adopted by the younger generations shows that it’s an investment for the future. I believe that in 5-10 years we will be seeing a different crypto scene were the market becomes more mature and the investors as well.

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13 thoughts on “Despite being one of the most, if not the most, volatile market in the world, cryptocurrency is always able to attract the younger generations. And not gonna lie, that’s kinda cool.”

  1. Economics teacher here. I work with this exact population and am familiar with crypto, so we discuss it in my class.

    I don’t think the title is right here. It isn’t despite the markets being so volatile, young people are hanging around, but rather…Young people are hanging around *because* markets are so volatile.

    Most of the discussions with my students boil down their understanding (prior to my lessons on cryptocurrencies) that these are gambling instruments that are only interesting beyond the stock market for 3 reasons:

    – Access to crypto is far easier for minors than access to the stock market is

    – Because the capital they control is tiny, they need big swings in price to reach their nominal goals (I’d be more than happy with a 10%+ return on investment over the course of a year, but that seems like nothing when you only invest $1000 you got working at Taco Bell after school)

    – Distrust in “the system” is high among a lot of teens and the idea of a trustless system like crypto gives them the illusion of themselves being in control. There is a strong narrative that retail drives cryptocurrency prices (though we know that institutions and the same old money capital of the stock market have their hands deep in this world too), so they feel as though they are able to invest AND buck the system at the same time, which is appealing in a way that the stock market isn’t

    Would love to hear what other peoples’ anecdotal experiences are with actual kids and crypto.

  2. I think that we are still very early and thats why its so volatile, when it matures only the alts will be more unstable. Profits will allways bring in addoption. If you got in early on ETH , BTC , SOL you’re in luck. The trends will allways pop up, nothing can stop innovation and that’s great in crypto. The current problem are the fees for example, and i think that KDX built on KDA will be a huge player in the future as a gasless i said innovation is what drives crypto, and a gas free dex will bang one hundred percent.

  3. it’s ”cool” because the demographic (with some exceptions of course) is arguably:

    – Young, dumb and full of …doge,

    – Doesn’t have that much money,

    – Doesn’t have much dependants to support

    – Has time to make up if he/she gets rekt going balls deep.

    – tech comes naturally to the younger generation

    When you’re 67 and retired, losing 30% of your income in one day ain’t ”cool”, trust.

  4. It’s all one big MMORPG where you’re just farming or collecting random coins and leveling up your bag. If you can spend all your free time learning the meta of the game you can possibly really kill it.

  5. I run a blockchain club at a very large university in the US. Recruitment is at an all time high. A lot of our members are extremely interested in DeFi (who doesnt love gambling in risky environments?). I’m also seeing all time positive interest in general crypto amongst university execs and corporate partners. Most “concerns” are over regulatory approvals instead of risk.

  6. I think its the level of prospective tokens that will in the end be profitable. With tokens like $POND as a great example, and the level of utility and prospect the Marlin Protocol gem has, it’s easy to see why crypto attracts many.💯

  7. cryptocurrency is teaching our younger generations how to invest and I am super excited about that.

    Which P2Es and of course metaverse, They can earn while having fun.

    SURVIVE will be a nice P2E for everyone in no time as it will be free to play. No wonder, it is highly anticipated

  8. My infant nephew is fond of playing with his own feces.

    But really – when crypto *matures* it will no longer be an investment, it will function as a currency. These two modalities are incompatible. You either circulate money or you hoard it. Those who ‘got in on the ground floor’ will not be better off than later adopters of said currency.

  9. Terrified lowkey. A more mature market = less volatility = less chance for life changing gains or upward mobility. Great as a safehaven but lesser of a chance for immense opportunity as was the case in the years prior. I guess it’s ok


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