Desire to be a great leader

**Quick background:** I (m22) am a college student who recently led internal operations within a cryptocurrency token’s protocol. The position payed well, and I worked from my laptop, which is a dream haha. Long story short, this recent bear cycle saw us kind of take a hit as far as revenue; and I am in the process of constructively looking for my next opportunity.

**So basically:** I preferred to regularly check in with my higher ups and crew members, asking them what I could do to be “better at my job and help them”. My most common feedback was to have an agenda for team meetings, and to be better prepared and structure meetings. Despite how things might’ve turned out for the operation, I wish to apply good leadership in my next role I am led to, and hopefully my own business soon!

**I want to be a great pm/ leader/collaborator, and I am open to hearing feedback as to some lessons/wisdom y’all may have!**

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3 thoughts on “Desire to be a great leader”

  1. I think you have to sit down and think — what value are you generating by your activities. Ultimately, all these meetings, checking with superiors and stuff, this is just fluff. At the end of the day, you either do something useful or you’re a grifter. Once you clearly see what value you generate, there will be people willing to take you onboard.

  2. A great leader is not proclaimed, it is naturally selected as the most trusted person in a team. It is not about being the decision maker, it is about being the best enabler of a team.

  3. Be likeable. Someone who people enjoy being around.

    Respect is earned during hard moments. Do the right thing. No ethical violations. No treating people like crap. No ignoring problems. Even firing someone can gain you respect if you do it directly with empathy and find ways for them to keep dignity.


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