Deposited 0.05 ETH on Aave and can only Borrow 0.045 ETH?

Also, gas to Withdraw is 0.06 ETH, but I get it, I just didn’t deposit enough for this to make sense.

But in regards to how much I can borrow, at what point will I be able to borrow more than what I deposited? I mean, isn’t that the whole point of it all, getting yours hands on more money than you currently have?

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6 thoughts on “Deposited 0.05 ETH on Aave and can only Borrow 0.045 ETH?”

  1. No lol; the platform would be illiquid as fuck and the entire market would collapse in seconds if any rando could borrow more than their collateral. That’s not the function of money markets at all, nor how you leverage your capital for more. I would spend MUCH more time learning about defi and finances in general before playing with things like this. As you apparently are interested in using margin

  2. If you could borrow more than you owe in Defi, what’s stopping everyone from doing that, forgoing their collateral and running away with more money than they put in?

  3. Most DeFi is over collateralized.

    Certain platforms allow to you use leverage but DYOR.

    You can also farm with different LP tokens but it’s risk vs reward.


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