Dei stablecoin i have lost 400 dollars so far

Well as you may know they got hacked sometime on may 6 for six million dollars. The Deus Dao promised updates and within 1 week the problem should be solved etc, they even said they had gotten 80% of their money back in their feed. But now its the 19th and nothing new has been reported except for their bull… side projects. I am just here to vent on this pathetic excuse for a stable coin and their team…

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5 thoughts on “Dei stablecoin i have lost 400 dollars so far”

  1. I followed the last depeg closely in their discord. It was a shitshow. A lot of big talk, a lot of people spreading fud or illusions. Official comms were bad.

    These things take time to unwind. It takes time to come up with a plan and a setup to recover. I recommend to make a decision. Cut your losses or bet on partial redemption.

    Then walk away. Don’t follow discord, don’t get into discussions. Just set a price alert where you’re willing to sell at.


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