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hi r/defi

I wanted to know if there exist some kind of “Tool summary” for defi or crypto in general. I imagine tools/links like this:

Useful for Uni V3:
[ (planing you position)
[ (coin correlation)

upcomming token unlocks:

Swiss Army knife for defi:

Imho it would be need if we as /r/defi collect those tools. In any form whatsoever (recurring post, website, discord,…). If something like this already exist, pls guide me to it – if not: what do you think?
Wouldn’t it be valuable, both for new and experienced DeFi users.

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2 thoughts on “Defi Tool collection”

  1. thanks for the links!

    >Imho it would be need if we as r/defi collect those tools

    Hey, there’s a section in the r/DeFi sidebar with over 20 different tools in various categories. If you’re on mobile, and don’t see the sidebar, you can click the “about” tab under the subreddit header.

  2. In terms of a tool summary for DeFi, there are a few different resources that come to mind:

    * [DeFi Pulse]( – This website provides a comprehensive overview of various DeFi protocols and their metrics, including total value locked (TVL), trading volume, and more. It’s a great resource for staying up-to-date on the latest developments in the space.
    * [DeFi Watch]( – This is a tool that helps users track their DeFi investments and portfolios across multiple platforms. It provides real-time updates on asset prices and can help users stay on top of their investments.
    * [Token Terminal]( – This website provides detailed analysis and metrics on various DeFi tokens, including revenue, earnings, and valuation metrics. It’s a useful resource for investors looking to make informed decisions about which tokens to invest in.

    However, most often I use to search for DeFi. There you can find a list of all DeFi projects on a particular blockchain, for example, [on Oasis](


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