Defi on BSC vs ETH (Which one is better?)

I have been using the Venus Protocol on BSC and I am aware of similar protocols on the mainnet such as Aave which has a similar APY. Although I ultimately decided to use Venus due to the low gas fee on BSC, I wonder if there’s any benefit to using Aave (or other similar protocols on mainnet) instead of Venus that would justify the higher gas fee. What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Defi on BSC vs ETH (Which one is better?)”

  1. Apeswap on BSC is awesome. I still have Banana staked there, even after moving most my PF to Cosmos and Juno Network. I am trying to push Apeswap to come over to Juno Network too đŸ˜€ . Do check my thread on Apeswap it tells you what all can be done with Banana: don’t just hold the token and expect it will go up, you need to stake it, LP it basically actively DeFi [](


    > I wonder if there’s any benefit to using Aave (or other similar protocols on mainnet)

    Aave Governance tokens might get some Airdrops from new project trying to attract liquidity e.g. Geist did it. Aave is also on Poly and Avax.

  2. I use sokuswap and apeswap for my Defi needs on bsc. Sokuswap offers high APRs on farming and locked vaults. And apeswap offers plenty of defi options like staking, farming, and lending

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