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Hello, Everyone!

I’ve very new to crypto and to DeFi. I’ve been using a site called Defi Master. It seems to have been going super well until the FTX collapse. Problems have risen with some of my friends’ accounts. Their account have been frozen. Mine seems to be working normally at the moment. Just wondering if anyone has any insight regarding this DeFi method. TIA.[DeFi Master](

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  1. There is no site that will credibly or consistently give you ideas on what to invest in. Every good trade has so much capacity to absorb funds into it. If they were good ideas, wouldnt they be able to raise money to invest in it themselves? Wouldnt telling you about it be crowding themselves out? Best you can do is copy trade yearn and save a few basis points here and there, with strategies that suit your own risk profile.

  2. How much liquidity is there?


    everything else has literally 0 meaning.


    If a crypto project has 100k$ invested in it, they can show all the fancy numbers they want. When people will start withdrawing there will be 100k$ to cash out. And that’s minus whatever the team will steal or “get hackedTM”, which usually amount to 99% of it


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