DeFi is the last hero standing

Everyone is looking for a saviour to fix the broken financial system, but:

\- China and the yuan = authoritarian power having control over our money.

\- Gold isn’t set up to be an alternative for a modern digital economy.

\- Centralised exchanges are under attack by regulators and, well… they’re centralised.

DeFi is the only hero we have left. Let’s seize the moment.

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6 thoughts on “DeFi is the last hero standing”

  1. DeFi/[DEX]( are the only hero as far as cryptocurrency and decentralization is concerned. Truth be told, if I had to pick between giving my money to a bank that lies that they are insured, or a cex who lies that my money is safe with them, I am picking the third option.

  2. DeFi is the best what could happen right now globally.

    I’ll break the definition for some who still can’t understand what it is:

    Decentralised Finance – a form of P2P market and financial activity, which doesn’t need a centralised entity as an intermediary. Thus DEcentralised.

    Going back to form of economic system, which is the most natural for societies.

    Decentralisation is the key for global society to stay sovereign, minimise risks associated with centralisation and (blind) trust to non transparent entities.

    This is the only way to stay independent in light of coming CBDC.

    If the threat of CBDC is still unknown for you, navigate to this article -> [CBDC 🛑 Ultimate Guide To What Is Coming | 2023](

    We should do anything it needs to be done to persevere DeFi as Decentralised form of P2P value exchange activity.

  3. I agree completely and I believe Defi has the potential to achieve much more. We just need to focus on key elements like privacy, identity management solutions, and interoperability.

  4. I would say yes to that because it’s been my best bet since FTX , Celsius and the rest went down. Using the likes of Sylo decentralized messenger to communicate and send cryptocurrency to others anonymously gives me a covering. And I think some banks are equally moving to defi as well.


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