DeFi-ing at Work

I feel like a dinosaur but currently, I only perform trades at home on my laptop with ledger. I need to be able to react to crazy downturns when it happens. I would rather not carry my ledger around and using it on my work laptop.

I thought of sacrificing some security by creating a second mobile wallet and do stuff from there but.. I thought I’d check with you guys to see how you do it?

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5 thoughts on “DeFi-ing at Work”

  1. Dude.. I delivered for a while and had laptop in my passenger seat with my phone Hotspot on and my ledger connected lol. Where there’s a will, there’s a way..

    But if you wanna keep it simple, just set up a metamask hot wallet and trade from your phone. I wouldn’t feel comfortable keeping more than a few grand on there though.

  2. why do you buy things you need to trade at a moments notice? is your life not stressful? just buy things you’re fine with holding indefinitely. problem solved

  3. By the time u can react to anything, Bots will have already done everything. Trading is useless and you cannot beat bots in the matter of seconds in any way

    Find Good projects and hold on for the long run, I have been through the recent 40% bitcoin downturn, but my portfolio was 60% down, I haven’t stressed a second and i didnt care, I have Small and micro cap coins, Layer 0,1,2, and crypto with real life application like AMP, and im more than back in profit already.

    Find yourself good shit, buy and hold, there is always something interesting if you care enough to research, I found Kadena and its pretty good, and with it i found Kaddex which i got in, ill just hold these until im with Jeff bezoz on his Yacht .


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