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Hi guys, I’m pretty new to this community. I don’t know if already exists a thread with what I’m asking for so I’m posting there. I have a “problem”, I mean… Is There a software o some libraries that I can use for automation on defi? For example take loans and close them when the collateral price is near the max.. Ecc ecc. All answer will be so much appreciated. Thank you for your time.
Have a nice day.

(I’m a python and js Dev)

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  1. I know that is offering blockchain automation services for some clients. In addition, you can always take advantage of using puppeteer. It is a headless browser automation framework and you can always plug in wallets like metamask etc.

  2. You can check out spool finance. Almost everything there is fully automated. Just choose the risk model, protocols … and then it compounds your rewards for you ..


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