Decentralized Finance – The Future of Finance

I know a lot of people are already talking about this. But, I have also written a blog post about this topic as per my understanding. Please do have a look and share your opinion.

[Decentralized Finance – The Future of Finance](

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2 thoughts on “Decentralized Finance – The Future of Finance”

  1. I believe the future of finance is not just DeFi but a mix of both DeFi solutions and TradFi money, this exactly is why quite bullish on ALBT has they have products that tends to bridge the gap between Tradfi and DeFi.

  2. This is an excellent article. Crypto banks, like as Unido, are popping up, offering similar but superior services to TradeFi. When the time comes, individual and institutional investors will prefer crypto banks’ services because they eliminate all of the headaches associated with TradeFi.


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