Decentralized betting

Hi guys!

Lately i’ve been wondering if building a decentralized betting application (based on smart contracts) is legal.

The thing is, i know when building a web2 casino it must be regulated otherwise it will be ilegal or blocked by some countrys, but when it comes to web3 can this rules be applied to?
Assuming that the application core is written on a smart contract this becomes totally autonomos and decentralized and there is no such thing as minimum age required, country laws, etc. since the only thing that identifies a user is his wallet address.

Tell me what your opinion is about this, thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Decentralized betting”

  1. as a person who don’t support at all gambling, I’d say find smth other to create, but if u have decided to try this, why not, I guess in gambling niche there is a lot of money. Wish u luck đŸ™‚

  2. Likely any decentralized casinos will be illegal in countries but doesn’t mean people can’t access them. Only thing to do is not incorporate but if it gets too big, how will you even use the money? If you withdraw it, it will lead to you unless you mix it but then you will be seen as a mixer


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