Daily DeFi News – September 27, 2022

### DeFi

* [Exploring low resolution dynamics of Uniswap fee performance](
* [How does yield amplification work on ChickenBonds?](
* [GobblerLend](


* [Aloe Labs Introducing Aloe II](
* [Introducing fully private dollar cost averaging on Aztec](
* [Deep options liquidity on Arbitrum, IVX unveiled](
* [Interpol issued red notice for Do Kwon](
* [Brett Harrison from FTX US resigns](
* [Alex Mashinsky from Celsius resigns effective immediately](
* [FTX to acquire Voyager](
* [California, New York and other US States take action against Nexo](

### Layer 1 & 2

* [Proposal to add EIP-4758 (Deactivate SELFDESTRUCT) to Shanghai](
* [Roundup of the newly proposed ATOM roadmap](
* [Intern notes on Cosmos’ new 27 page whitepaper](

### MEV

* [How Coinbase Cloud plans to integrate Flashbots & What FlashBots is doing to mitigate centralization concerns](
* [0xbad tricked/hacked losing 1101 ETH](

### Reads

* [Risk assessment: Frax governance](

### Watch

* [What’s Next? Vitalik Buterin | Part I](
* [Christine Kim on the merge and what comes next](
* [Kostas Chalkias | Co-Founder, Chief Cryptographer Sui & Mysten Labs](

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