Daily DeFi News – September 21, 2022

### DeFi

* [Makere adds GNO as new collateral](
* [How Trader Joe’s liquidity book will change DeFi landscape](
* [Time-vesting with the Uniswap v3 staker](
* [DollarDeFi or Crypto-Native Currency](
* [Realistic yield: Separating the wheat from the chaff](


* [Wintermute hack update](
* [Arbitrum White Hat Hacker prevents major ETH loss](
* [House Stablecoin Bill Would Put Two-Year Ban on Algorithmic Stablecoins](
* [Rari fuse hack payment has passed](
* [StarkNet live on Infura](
* [veQI launches](
* [Announcing Urbit’s EVM Blockchain](
* [OpenSea announcing support for Arbitrum](
* [Introducing Bagholder](
* [Introducing Liquid Collective](

Layer 1 & 2

* [EIP-4895: Beacon chain push withdrawals as operations](
* [After The Merge │ Part 2: The Verge](
* [State of Ethereum Q3](
* [Towards the endgame of blockchain interoperability with proof of consensus](
* [The Network Part of Aztec Network](
* [DAGs, Narwhal, Tusk, Bullshark explained](
* [Zero Knowledge Proofs](
* [Generalized Message Cross-Chain Comparisons](
* [Axelar — Your Plug Into Any Blockchain](
* [Deploying the Synapse Bridge onto Canto](

### MEV

* [The Next Big Crypto Narrative](

### Watch

* [Evan Cheng & Adeniyi Abiodun | Co-Founders Sui & Mysten L](

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3 thoughts on “Daily DeFi News – September 21, 2022”

  1. With the recently released Railway app for both iOS & Android, Railgun has made some recent privacy-related advancements that have me excited. On-chain privacy has never been so available or advanced.This essentially removes access restrictions while integrating privacy into crypto DeFi. On their Railway DEX, users can trade and shield their balances.In my opinion, this is a giant stride forward the privacy niche because I am already enjoying on-chain privacy on the go.

  2. Even with recent hack happenings in recent times, I believe more security measures should be put in place to prevent further happenings. A shift to adopting projects that uses Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) would help in a great way as there will be security and privacy will be guaranteed.

    Zcash, Analog, Monero and Syscoin are part of the projects that make use of ZKP for their security and privacy. This is part of the reasons why none of them have encountered any security problems in recent times.


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