Daily DeFi News – September 20 2022

### DeFi

* [Drift v2’s Hybrid Liquidity Mechanism](
* [Breakdown Vertex Protocol](
* [Numia Data Docs](

### News

* [Coin98 launches fully-backed stablecoin CUSD](
* [Proposal to add a gauge for cbETH/ETH V2 pool](
* [BUSD launches on Avalanche & Polygon](
* [PeckShield KillSwitch](

## Layer 1 & 2

* [Sui: how single-writer apps work](
* [Navigating Arbitrary Messaging Bridges: A Comparison Framework](
* [Berachain — A Deep Dive](
* [Nansen’s Fantom Quarterly report](
* [Nansen’s Solana Quarterly report](

### MEV

* [Order flow, auctions and centralisation II: order flow auctions](

### Reads

* [Vitalik – DAOs are not corporations: where decentralization in autonomous organizations matters](
* [Summary of Kain Warwick mentorship program](

### Tips

* [Tornadoxxed](

### Watch

* [Building Arbitrum w/ Steven Goldfeder](
* [The Cosmos App-Chain Thesis | Zaki Manian, Jack Zampolin](
* [Y2K Finance | The Next Great Arbitrum Project | Hedge Against Pegge](

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1 thought on “Daily DeFi News – September 20 2022”

  1. The alarming rate of hacks and scams in the defi world is becoming so disturbing and I for one have been intentional about keeping my farming strategies private with the Railway web app.

    I am intrigued with the mobile version launch on Android and IOS so I already have access to privacy conveniently from anywhere without having to move about with my PC

    This may likely lower the entry barrier for defi activities because some fears may have been resolved with this advancement in privacy.


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