Daily DeFi News – September 18, 2022

## DeFi

* [Proposal to add CRV/yCRV gauge to the Gauge Controller](
* [On Arrakis Finance v2](
* [The robustness of LUSD](
* [Opportunities and challenges of Web3 Loans](

## News

* [Infura announces plans for a new decentralized infrastructure network](
* [Seaport listings and offers posted on-chain](
* [Nomad Bridge restart update next week](
* [Liquid staking solution for Aptos Ditto devnet app is live](
* [Abacus Network rebrands to Hyperlane](
* [Dex Pools rebrands to Vela](
* [White House releases first crypto regulatory framework](

Layer 1 & 2

* [Zero Knowledge Canon, part 1 & 2](
* [Why Fuel Labs?](

## Reads

* [SNARK security and performance](
* [Undercollateralized Loans](
* [Tribes & Endgames: DAOs Stretching Themselves](

## Watch

* [Defi Llama Podcast featuring James Hancock](
* [Did the Merge Make Ethereum ‘the MostSecure Blockchain in the World’?](
* [Building The Forefront of Decentralization w/ Robert Lauko](

The daily news links were gathered by [DeFi Llama](

[Links to previous DeFi news threads](

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