Daily DeFi News – September 15, 2022

## DeFi 🏦

* [Risk assessment on Neutrino’s USDN ecosystem for veCRV holders and LPs](
* [Introducing: DriftProtocol v2 Liquidity Trifecta](
* [Deploy Uniswap V3 to zkSync](
* [Financeliquid](
* [Pine vs Others](
* [Using UniV3 LPs as limit orders](

News 📰

* [S. Korean court issues warrant for Do Kwon’s arrest](
* [Songbird Launch Incident Report & Next Steps](
* [OFAC: US Individuals May Apply for a Licence to Withdraw from Tornado Cash Prior to Aug 8](
* [Nomad Recovery Progress Update](
* [Art Gobblers](
* [Apollo DAO closing vaults on Terra Classic](
* [Canto Online Hackathon Oct 1-21](

## Layer 1 & 2 ⛓

* [Key things to look for to know the merge has gone smoothly](
* [How to use KZG commitments in proofs](
* [Zero Knowledge Proofs](
* [On-chain randomness](

## MEV ⚡️

* [Dreamboat Relay Implementation Opensourced](
* [Orderflow has a Solution](
* [Order flow, auctions and centralisation I: a warning](

## Reads 📚

* [FAQs related to Tornado Cash sanctions](
* [Ethereum is the better bet](
* [OpenSea – why we don’t mind the dips](

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